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First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi) - Edexel

First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi) - Edexel

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First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi) - Edexel

Duration: 4 days

Maximum Candidates: 12

Overview: The FPOS qualifications are for those providing initial emergency care, such as community responders, fire and police officers and security staff. They are clinically endorsed by the leading clinical body for pre-hospital care in the UK, the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (Edinburgh). It cover amongst other topics:

  • The Pre-Hospital Environment ; Scene Management - Safety - Triage + FPOS Basic
  • Patient Assessment ; Communicating with Patients, Primary Survey and Assessment, Safe Moving and Handling + FPOS Basic
  • Respiration & Airway Management ; Use of Suction, Removal of Crash Helmets, Use of Oro-Pharyngeal Airways, Oxygen Supplementation, Ventilation Support, Bag/Valve/Mask + FPOS Basic
  • Basic Life Support ; Perform Child & Infant BSL + FPOS Basic
  • Defibrillation ; Normal/Abnormal Heart Rhythms + FPOS Basic
  • Circulation & Shock ; Recognition and initial care of haemorrhage
  • Medical Related Emergencies ; Assisting the Paramedic + FPOS Basic
  • Trauma Related Emergencies ; Recognition & Initial care of Injuries to Bones, Joints, Tendons etc